Crude World : The Violent Twilight Of Oil

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Peter Maass, the author of “Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil”, has been studying oil, oil rich countries, oil corporations, oil prices, and such for a decent amount of time now. In his novel, he zeroes in on the consequences that humankind faces due to their oil-hungry appetites through the explanation of oil related sins. Each chapter dives into a different sin relating to the disadvantages of living in a world where the demand for oil is so prominent. Some of these sins, for example, are Plunder, Rot, Fear, Greed, Containment, and Desire, plus more. Maass gives an in-depth analysis of how the humankind’s great dependence on oil in recent years has extreme repercussions besides the usual topic of running low on oil, climate change, and renewable energy. According to Mass’ depictions, if the world really wants an overall energy revolution that will decrease the international conflict, then they have to lower their oil usage, find a more efficient renewable energy source, and the countries that have a large oil source need to revamp their systems. The need for an improved renewable energy source is clear as Maass discusses the oil sin of Scarcity. He begins his discussion of the oil sins with the topic of Scarcity and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has the second highest oil reserves in the world, thus making it a prominent area for corruption. Maass discusses the problems Saudi Arabia is facing with the idea of peak oil, or also referred to as the idea of our world…
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