Cruel Shot-Personal Narrative

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It was the most imperative basketball game of the year, the championship game. We have been undefeated all season, it would be a catastrophe if we came all this way, just for it to go down the drain.
“PRESS! PRESS!” coach Mark shrieked from the sideline.
We battled against our rival, Manchester, we played them two other times in the season, both in which we won.
The score of the game at that point was 20-19, and there were thirty seconds left.
“DRAW THE FOUL...DRIVE!” my mom hollered as loud as a rooster in the morning.
We had the ball, my teammate, Jessica, dribbled the ball down the floor. I called for the ball with one hand in the air, and she flung the ball to me. I got the ball, pivoted, and went down the lane. Luckily, they were set up in a zone and two girls approached me, and one of them just so happened to foul me on my arm. As I trekked to the foul line,and now, ten seconds remained in the game.
I felt extremely jittery, all I thought about was all the bad things
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I was filled with excitement!
The score was now 21-19, Manchester had the ball, I wasn’t too worried, my team has amazing defense and I knew we were in good shape.
“PRESS! PRESS! MOVE UP!” coach Mark was yelling while he was waving his arm for everyone to move up.
Manchester was trying to pass the ball in, but everyone had a man that they were defending well.
Five seconds were left, the clock was ticking.
They finally passed in the ball,
“WOOHOO!” Girls on my team were cheering as they were hopping up and down, and we were in a massive bear hug.
Coach Mark and my mom were very proud of us and they were honored that they were able to coach us this season. We did a lot of hard work to get here, and we finally pulled it off. I thought that we definitely deserved this win. This was my first ever championship win, this day can finally be checked off of my bucket
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