Cruelty-It's Time To Stop Animal Testing

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“Ouch!”, “Stop that!”, “That hurts!”, are all things that animals want to say when they are being experimented on. When people produce new products, these products have to be tested on lab animals. During these procedures, animals are being harmed in the testing of the product. Animal experimentation should be band, because it hurts the likes of animals and misleads scientists. Animals should have the same rights as humans do. 93% of animals that are experimented on in labs aren’t totaled up by the US Animal Welfare Act (“US Statistics”). All animals should have rights, not just some of them. Believe it or not, animals have the same feeling humans have. Even though they cannot speak their mind, they can still express what they are feeling through the…show more content…
The Human Society has a video segment that shows baby chimps taken from their mothers, as they are screaming, baby primates are aware of the scientists performing agonizing processes, and the threat of using or going to use a dart gun on chimps (“Undercover Investigation Reveals Cruelty to Chimps at Research Lab”). Animals shouldn’t have to be removed from their mother, threatened or wide awake during a procedure. It’s like the end of the world, when getting a papercut, but these animals go through the abuse everyday of their lives. The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) said that the Draize Test is a source of “extreme discomfort and pain” for animals forced in the test. During the procedure of the eye test, which is a part of the Draize Test, rabbits are forced in position and the scientists force their eyes open for days at a time, so that the rabbits can’t blink the product away (“Do Cosmetic Companies Still Test on Live Animals?”). The agony of having a staring contest hurts enough, but having clips on their eyes, with a solution in them, is pure torture. Animals shouldn’t have to go through testing procedures that they endure every
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