Cruelty and Mans Inhumanity

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“POTENTIAL FOR MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN” The novel “Night” shows that there is great inhumanity and cruelty displayed from this personal journey of Elie Wiesel. The Nazi are the ringleaders behind it all gradually making the Jews feel like nothing and only pawns for work. The Germans strip the Jews to nothing and take away everything close to them, separation from loved ones, isolation, transportation and the ruthless, cold actions towards them in the camps such as starvation, selections of the fittest and the struggle of survival becomes essential for their own self. However there are humane acts within the book which help Elie overcome some struggles and survive the brutality of the camps and war. This was all true to a great degree…show more content…
. . Don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now. . . Wait. Clench your teeth and wait. . .” Another act of kindness and human display is during the separation when an inmate had asked how old Elie was, actually asking so he could offer advice, you would think that the inmates in the camp had already suffered and endured the hardships of the camp and wouldn’t care about anyone but their own survival but this man had cared enough to tell him to lie about his age and his work for a better chance. He questioned them on why they had come hear telling them they should have hung themselves rather than coming here to Auschwitz. All of this inhumanity had forced Elie to grow up and experience the loss of his innocence. All of the violence, brutality and needs of survival had made him not care about anyone but himself. As his father was dying taking his last breaths Elie had ignored the calls of his name and was relieved in the morning to see that his father had passed, he was free from the burden of carrying his father around caring for him as his father had once done for Elie. Elie had changed and his father had become old and whiny needing for Elie to be with him. In the end Elie had done his own act of inhumanity by letting his father he struck to
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