Essay about Cruelty of Slavery Exposed in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe is a unique historical fiction novel which portrays life during the American Civil War. In this story, Harriet Beecher Stowe tells the tale of Uncle Tom, along with several other slaves, and their journey through the wretchedness of slavery. She combines ethics, redemption, religion, and prejudice and presents her readers with an immensely powerful book that gives off an awe-inspiring impact. Throughout the novel, Harriet Beecher Stowe touches the reader’s heart through lifelike characters and emotions. Due to Mrs. Stowe’s articulate ability to create a realistic image in her readers’ minds, I was left with a multitude variety of sentiment while reading the book. From joy to sadness, acceptance…show more content…
“You've always stood it out agin me: now, I'll conquer ye or kill ye!-one or t' other. I'll count every drop of blood there is in you, and take 'em, one by one, till ye give up!” (Uncle Tom's Cabin, page 467) This quote was said by an evil master named Simon Legree to Uncle Tom. From this one quote, I could feel the intense anger and hatred against slaves. Moreover, this is just coming from one person. Knowing that there were thousands of Simon Legree during the Civil War era can leave you flabbergasted. Along with evil masters, I was glad to know that there were also kind masters who saw the good in all; even the colored. These type of people were portrayed by the Shelbys', Augustine St. Clare, Eva, and Miss Ophelia. I was happy that even during the worst times, people like them had the courage to go against the world and spread happiness in the world. However, I found it wrong that calamities struck to only those who did good. For example, due to debt the Shelbys' had to sell their slaves, Augustine St. Clare and Eva both died before they could free their slaves, and there was nothing Miss Ophelia could do to save Uncle Tom from being sold again. Through Uncle Tom's Cabin, I was able to learn numerous things about the United States History, particularly related to slavery. One aspect I was amazed at while reading was the great faith that the slaves had. Religion becomes a major theme in this book and is greatly seen through Uncle
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