Cruise Pollution In The Caribbean. Tara Mason. Monroe College.

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Cruise pollution in the Caribbean
Tara Mason
Monroe College
February 5, 2017

It is widely argued that Marine Pollution is becoming a highly-debated topic as this industry makes billions of dollars without attention to the marine life. It therefore stands to reason that the United Nations are taking a great interest in getting countries to at least look at local legislation to govern their territorial waters. Using a report from 2002, examining these unsolicited contributions through waste streams and other impacts will demonstrate that the problems are still widely present perhaps due to the influence by the cruise liners. It is my intention to highlight the damages to our cruise industry and share possible …show more content…

3. Are the cruise vessels conscience of the damage caused and do they care?
4. What is the international community doing to help in the fight of marine and ocean destruction by cruise vessels?
Research Questions Key questions will arise in conducting this research. Such highlights areas we take for granted but are still useful in finding solutions to what can be a potential problem. The environment division is a watchdog in Antigua and Barbuda to ensure that marine life is preserved and maintained. Therefore, it makes sense that questions listed below are poignant in determining solutions for the cruise industry:
1. Are cruise lines to be blamed for ocean pollution?
2. What are some recommendations that could assist the fight in ocean pollution?

Purpose Statement The purpose of this paper is to examine the level of pollution caused by cruise vessels in our oceans. This is an important subject because in Antigua and Barbuda, “Tourism is everybody’s business”, as our main motto will illustrate. We cannot improve on cruise ship calls and do not look at potential damages or potential solutions to already damaged marine life because this will affect tourist arrivals and so forth; Imagine a country that cannot boast its marine life because of pollutants that erode that market, then what sense will the cruise ships come to our shores? This is the reason to carefully evaluate the effects of the cruise tourism and cruise

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