Cruise Ship Advertising For The 1970's

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Cruise Ship Advertising
Advertisements are the main source of communication that companies use to introduce their products to consumers. We see these advertisements in different forms; such as, an ad on a magazine or newspaper, a commercial on television, or on a billboard on the side of the road. We are constantly introduced to many different kinds of ads with various types of appeals that companies believe will get our attention and suit our needs. Cruise ship companies have been advertising throughout the decades using different appeals to persuade consumers to try their ships as an option of traveling. Although cruise ship traveling advertisements have changed through the decades, their appeals have remained the same.
According to Jib Fowles, author of “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” explains the different kind of
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They both have a man surrounded by beautiful young women. The 1970’s advertisement shows an image of a man who is wearing a nice fitted suit. He is surrounded by two ladies who are gladly looking at him giving him attention while placing a lei garland around his neck. The consumer can visualize that if they go on that ship, they can possibly have the same attention by meeting new people. The headline reads, “Cruise to Hawaii on the new lurline” which shows people that this particular ship is new, and new often means good quality. Likewise, the 1990’s advertisement shows an older male figure and alongside two younger women drinking cocktails and smoking a cigarette giving him their attention.
All of these different advertisements also share the appeal of psychological needs in their images. Some of these needs are desired by most people while on vacation. For example, the need to relax and sunbathe on the ship’s deck, poolside socializing with friends, the need of a cold cocktail drink, and the smell and feel of the sea breeze while enjoying the ocean
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