Cruise Ship

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A cruise is providing customers with an experience of a lifetime. The company seeks to fulfill the following needs of the customers to the extent of delighting them: • Customer Service • Delivering on its Promise  MARKET TRENDS: The tourism industry has been growing at a high rate for the last few years. Due to busy lives, people are willing to spend more on vacations than anything else. Though most vacation packages are costly, but they provide a feeling of satisfaction and serve as a source of relaxation. The factors mainly included in these trends are family comfort, a feeling of togetherness and willingness to spend on vacations.  MARKET GROWTH: The market’s growth is steady and present throughout the world. The frequent…show more content…
COMPETITION We basically, have no competitors as we are targeting to serve a market which isn’t being targeted as yet. We have a monopoly over this niche market. PRODUCT OFFERING Our offering is a cruise ship with most of the luxuries to fulfill a person’s dreams of a vacation. Designed to completely spoil the vacationer, the cruise ship features spacious staterooms, which are extremely comfortable to live in and give the feeling of a home away from home. It also includes: • A ball room • An on board spa and fitness centre with all facilities to satisfy health conscious guests • A lavish dining room complete with a pool area for the occasional out door dinner • On-board sports facilities • A small hospital equipped to handle any health-related issues • A library for the scholarly • A gift shop to aid in celebrations • And the most unique feature we possess in an on-board currency exchanger, so that our guests need not go to the trouble of finding one after docking, and can use the spare time to enjoy themselves. KEYS TO SUCCESS • Services should be great. • Excellent and proper safety measures so that customers may feel customized. • Good maintenance of the ship. • Good marketing so that more customers are comfortably and easily attracted. • Provision of entertainment. • Affordable prices. • Different packages according to
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