Cruises Of The Caribbe Who Does Not Benefit?

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Cruises in the Caribbean: Who does not benefit? Cruise tourism, in todays society, has increasingly become a more popular niche market with in the travel industry for over the past 4 decades world-wide (Wild, G.P. (International) Ltd, 2004, p.15). Although it is a relatively old concept for tourists to travel around the world to different destinations, destinations such as the Caribbean, Asia and the Mediterranean is a relatively new trend including the luxury and innovative experience that is currently provided on-board cruise liners (Pinnock, 2014). Within this essay, a critical analysis will be discussed of who does not benefit from Cruises within and around the Caribbean, including local citizens, domestic and on-board employees of the cruise liners in this specific area. It will also critically highlight and identify the issues connected with the “floating resorts” (Dickinson & Vladimir, 1997) for example the waste and pollution generated by the cruise ships, the negative effect on the sustainability of the local coastal environment and the cost to each variable stated.
Travelling by boat was once the best and only way to travel across the oceans and has developed into something that has benefits but also disadvantages to society (Hritz & Cecil, 2008). Cities such as Glasgow, London and Barcelona have been built in close proximity to either rivers or Oceans in order to create easy access for trade and connections with other countries. Jayawardena states in an opposing…
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