Cruising On Cotton Candy Clouds Summary

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The book “Cruising on Cotton Candy Clouds” By Ludmila Carluen-Barrica is a non-fiction book that consists of parts with 28 chapters. It tells about the real-life story of Ludmila's work as a flight attendant. Here, it tells about how she handled things and the lessons that she learned in life. Ludmila is a flight attendant for 9 years at Arabian Peninsula, as a Cabin Services Director. She is also a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister and a friend. Lud tried to compare her life to her journey as a flight attendant. Sometimes a person needs to be alone in order to discover her potentials in life. She has experienced the ups and downs in life before achieving her most credential success. As one of the quote said, "The only way to do great
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