Crusades For Personal Benefit. Samuel Huntington Thought

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Crusades For Personal Benefit Samuel Huntington thought that conflicts between two countries or religions are the result of a clash of civilizations. He thought that conflict arose because their thoughts were too different. The Crusades were more the result of the Christians wanting other benefits, not because they hated the Muslims. The Crusades do not prove that the Muslims and Christians had a clash of civilization and couldn’t coexist. Before the Crusades began, Christians and Muslims lived together quite peacefully, but fighting began because of the Pope wanting too much power and taking advantage of them. Additionally, all of the christian leaders were fighting for power and the Crusades served as a means for Christian leaders,…show more content…
The Pope made a rule that the king cannot choose anyone from the clergy to be his vassal and the king did not want to abide by this rule. There was a election for the Bishopric for Milan which was very important to both the king and to the Pope but i different ways. They both got involved in the election. They both wanted their candidate to win so the king had the Pope deposed and he retaliated with excommunication of the king. This fight went on until a compromise between a new king and new Pope. The papal was now able to depose of the king should he wish. This conflict started the divide between the church and the king and led to the Crusades because they both got power hungry. The knights also had to gain from the Crusades. The knights were children who were not the eldest. The way it worked during that time period was by a system called primogeniture. This means that everything goes to the firstborn son. For example, the first born would recieve the land, the money, and if the father is a ruler they receive the kingship. The other children receive nothing and they are angry about that so they become knights to gain respect and money. These knights cause a lot of conflict within the Christians. The Knights wanted to fight because they thought they would gain wealth and that maybe it would make up for all the bad things and conflicts they caused. These knights had nothing, nowhere to
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