Crust and Real Burger Case Study

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Executive summary Crust Gourmet Pizza Bars, which sell nutrition pizzas, is a fast-food franchise in Australia. Its fresh concept and clear position have already significantly influenced the pizza industry. Crust provides explicit customer value proposition based on healthy diet and speedy service underlying sustainable competitive advantages that could satisfy consumer requirements. Through its marketing matrix strategy, it could successfully deliver its concept to consumers in terms of unique products, location selection, community involvement, and tangible as well as intangible assets. Most importantly, the key successful factors of Crust are based not only on its differentiation strategy but also the synergy of its competitive…show more content…
Development of assets and competencies Crust Gourmet Pizza Bars, with strong brand equity, is set up by Costa who has management experiences in pizza industry. Through the franchise business model, it has reached 50 stores in Australia and planed to expand it into global market. A variety of healthier pizza choices based on nutrition standardization proven attract loyal consumers who are highly health conscious. In order to increase customers’ awareness and brand loyalty, they build up relationships with local community via sports and school supporting. The combination of unique products and the speed service result in the core competencies of Crust burgers in differentiation strategy. 4.Functional strategies and programs 4.1 Relationship Building Crust establishes good relationships not only with consumers by involving in local community in each territory but also alliance partnerships with social organisations (Franchise business 2008). Most importantly, it develops barging ability with suppliers that can effectively reduce their produce costs for the long-term relationships (Franchise business 2008). 4.2 Product building

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