Cry, The Beloved Country

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Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country takes place during the late 1940’s in Southern Africa. Specifically, in High Place, Ndotsheni, and Johannesburg. It takes place during a time of social change. There is racial inequality taking place during the late 1940’s. The novel shows what it was like to be living during this time. Cry, the Beloved Country has an urban and crowded feeling for most of the novel. This novel is written in past-tense, third-person omniscient point of view. Occasionally, the narrator would shift from character to character. Since it is written in an omniscient point of view, the reader gains better knowledge on not only the plot; but a better understanding of the characters, too. It also helps the reader get a well-rounded perspective of what the setting was like. Cry, the Beloved Country consists of thirty-six chapters that vary in length. This novel has a simple plot. The characters in the novel are very believable and are revealed simply by stating their name and a description, or with background knowledge of the character. There are quite a few characters in Cry, the Beloved Country and their role is to help move the plot along. The central characters are Arthur Jarvis, Theophilus Msimangu, Absalom Kumalo, James Jarvis, and Stephen Kumalo.
Stephen Kumalo is a sensitive, humble, and godly man.Sometimes, his anger can get the best of him but he always apologizes immediately after. He goes through a lot of suffering throughout the novel. He is the
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