Cryptocurrency Exchange Research Paper

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How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Meta title: How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Meta description: A guide to finding which exchange suits you when investing in cryptocurrencies and the types of wallets you can choose to securely store your digital assets. Meta keywords: Cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptocurrency trading, Cryptocurrency wallets, Hot Cold Wallets, Cryptocurrency exchange regulations Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange When it comes to buying a cryptocurrency, many beginners struggle to understand the procedure and worry about the security of the transactions. This short guide will help take some of the mystery out of it. While any two users with cryptocurrency wallets can exchange coins…show more content…
If you are interested in day trading, you’ll need to research the trading platform that suits your needs the best. Cryptocurrency trading is pretty much identical to FOREX trading. As your money will be stored on the exchange and you’ll be making regular transactions, credibility is the first thing to consider when choosing a service. Make sure that the exchange is transparent and its history is easily traceable. Exchanges that operate in anonymity should be avoided. To ensure the execution and speed of orders when trading cryptocurrencies, you should filter your choices to exchanges that have a high number of orders (which reflects liquidity and reputation) and coins that have high 24-hour trading volume. Advanced Trading Tools and Platforms The newness and unknown future of cryptocurrencies makes them prone to extreme volatility. Rumors, public announcements, technological enhancements, and governmental regulations can have drastic and rapid influences on value. To mitigate potential losses and ensure higher gains, top exchanges offer advanced order tools (ie. stop and limit orders) on their trading platforms. To reduce fees and avoid slippage, as the time of execution determines applicable costs, exchanges provide investors with more options for placing market orders. When trading on a daily basis, investors need prompt access to their assets. For this reason, top exchanges provide their platforms on desktop and mobile

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