Cryptography Is Art Of Secret Writing

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The term cryptography develops from a Greek word which implies hidden or secret writing. Cryptography is art of secret writing. The primary service provided by cryptography is capability to send information between two participants in an effective way that halts others from reading it. This type of cryptography provides other services namely,
•integrity checking→ reassuring the recipient regarding a new message in which the message doesn 't seem to be altered viewing that it was actually given by a legal source.
• Authentication →verifying someone’s (or something’s) identity.

Messages within its original form is named plain text or clear text. The hidden info is generally known as cipher text. The procedure for producing cipher text from plain text is named encryption. The reverse of encryption is known as decryption. While cryptographers invent clever secret codes, crypt-analysts plan to break these codes. Both these disciplines constantly make sure to keep in advance of one another. Ultimately, the successes of the cryptographers rests on the cryptography systems are likely to involve both an algorithm as well as a secret value. Here the secret value is called as key. The purpose for having a key alongside an algorithm is the idea that it can be problematic to keep devising new algorithms which allows reversible scrambling of data, and it will be hard to quickly explain a newly devised algorithm with the person you’d be willing to start communicating securely.

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