Cryptography Is The Science Of Writing And Solving Secret Messages Essay

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Abstract. This paper is on Cryptography. Cryptography is the art of writing and solving secret messages. People have been using the encoding and decoding of messages with pen and paper since ancient times. Cryptography has played an enormous role in human history as it was used in times of war. With the demand of today’s world of online security, digital Cryptography is in great demand to help people protect valuable information. This paper will focus on the brief history of Cryptography. Introduction Cryptography is the science of writing and deciphering secret messages. One can encrypt a message or plain-text by using a specific parameter or key to create a coded message or cipher-text. Depending on the encryption method used, the encryption algorithm may be as long as the message or shorter than the message. Encryption is used to secure channels of communication on the Internet, protect data in ATM’s, cell phones, and much more. Cryptanalysis is the procedures taken to decipher a cipher-text. The main focus of cryptanalysis is to interpret secrets during times of war, since, knowing what the enemy is thinking and doing gives a great advantage. This article will focus on the brief history of cryptography and the mathematics behind it. 1. Origins of Cryptography The earliest known text containing components of cryptography originates in the Egyptian town Menet Khufu on the tomb of nobleman Khnumhotep II nearly 4,000 years ago [4]. Figure 1 shows the symbols found on the

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