Crystal Ball Week Research Paper

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New Berlin West will be hosting their annual Crystal Ball dance on Saturday, January 21 from
7:00 to 10:00 pm. The winter formal dance is a traditional Sadie Hawkins type dance in which girls invite guys. Tickets are on sale now through January 18 for $15 on the Infinite Campus webstore. Crystal Ball week will be full of fun spirit days, starting Tuesday, the 17th through Friday, the 20th, leading up to the dance on Saturday night.

Beginning on Tuesday, the spirit day will be camo/country, Wednesday’s will be punk vs. preppy, and on Thursday it’ll be celebrity dress up day. Lastly, Friday’s spirit day will be salad dressing day, where each grade level is assigned a certain “salad dressing” theme to dress up as. Seniors are 1,000 island, so they’ll dress in Hawaiian clothes, Juniors are French, Sophomores are ranch, wearing Western style
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The pep rally will feature the regular participants, including the band, the cheer team, and the poms team will be doing a routine with the basketball players. There will be a few new games at the pep rally too, including an obstacle course that’ll be played by members of the court, and realistic version of the classic hungry hungry hippos game that volunteers from the crowd can participate in. In addition, the winter sports will be acknowledged by coaches and the prom will be hosting a pie throw. It should be a fun event to get the whole school excited for Saturday’s dance.

The theme for the dance this year will be The Wizard of Oz. West’s middle school gym will be decorated with a big Emerald City backdrop and decked out in tons of green streamers. Cardboard cutouts of the Wizard of Oz characters, like Dorothy and the Tin Man, will be available to take pictures with also. This year’s silhouettes will be green glow bracelets, in coordination with the bright green colors of the Emerald City theme, that anyone who attends the dance can
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