Crystal Meth Paper

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Before watching the videos on crystal meth I was very uneducated when it came to the drug. After watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and Meth is Death video, it was very easy for me to come to the conclusion that crystal meth is a very intense and addictive drug. On the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah describes crystal meth as being the most dangerous drug in America and the biggest problem officers face concerning drugs. She also says crystal meth is not popular with a particular group of people. Rather, it crosses every group. Oprah has a few guests who were addicted to crystal meth and share their addiction experiences. The guests consist of Chantel, Megan, Michelle, and Jay. Oprah’s first guest is Chantel, a seventeen year old girl addicted…show more content…
Megan said she did meth every day and every hour. It changed her mood and appearance, but still managed to hide her addiction from her parents. She would only get about two hours once a week. Finally Megan was kicked out of her house and was gone for a whole week where she did not sleep at all. Megan’s mother happened to see Chantel on the Oprah show and realized that her daughter was in the same boat as Chantel. Megan’s mother finally found her and asked Megan to watch the Oprah Show regarding Chantel. After viewing the Chantel’s story, Megan agreed to go to rehab where she ironically met Chantel. Megan told Chantel that she saw her show on Oprah, and Chantel was the reason Megan is at rehab. The two became very close while in rehab. Megan left rehab after one-hundred and twenty-two days, and is still clean. Megan said she still has the urge to use and it is very hard for her to stop partying. Michelle is Oprah’s next guest who was a Bible study teacher and married for fourteen years with a son. However Michelle had no intimacy in her marriage and met someone else who got her to try crystal meth. Michelle admitted that she thought it would only be a recreational drug she took every once in a while. However she took it and was instantly hooked and began to take crystal meth every day. She lost her job, her husband divorced her, and went from one-hundred and forty pounds to ninety-eight pounds. Michelle found
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