Crystal Research Paper

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Crystal Research Paper

A crystal is made up of the same materials that a regular glass is made of, such as silica, soda, and lime, but the addition of lead oxide is what gives crystals their shine. A bead has to have 24% lead oxide added to qualify as leaded crystal. Contrary to the popular belief, crystals have been around for a long time. Ancient Egypt, Rome, and other groups have all used crystals for various purposes. It was used in medicine, magic and rituals, as offerings and currency, as well as important gifts and items of beauty. Ancient civilizations were able to use crystals because natural crystals are dug from the ground where earth’s temperature and pressure causes them to form. However, one can make a crystal at home. It is
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“Generally, heterogeneous nucleation takes place more quickly since the foreign particles act as a place or structure for the crystal to grow on. Heterogeneous nucleation is slower and can take place by several methods. Some of the most typical are small inclusions, or cuts, in the container the crystal is being grown on.” (Dr. Helmenstine, A. M. 2011) After nucleation has taken place, then the second stage is growth. The growth stage is when the crystals actually start to form.The solute molecule in the solution will be attracted to the protocrystal until more and more molecules bond together and then the crystal starts to grow until it is a fully formed crystal. Concluding, a crystal has two stages after supersaturation takes place, nucleation and growth. During these two stages is when the growth and size of a crystal is determined.

A seed crystal is a common method people use to grow crystals; seed crystal is categorized under assisted nucleation, so the process of growing a crystal becomes faster. A seed crystal is created by supersaturation (Banfield, J., & Wallace, H. c. 2002). When the supersaturated solution has cooled down, seed crystals form at the bottom of the solution (Thackwray, M. 2003). After a crystal seed is formed, it is used to grow a crystal. The crystal seed is tied to a string. Then the crystal seed is immersed in

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