Cs 539 Agent And Multiagents Systems

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CS 539 Agent and Multiagents Systems
Project Report

Adaptive Traffic Control System

Submitted by: Manoj Ravi(SIU853104441) S.Geeta Bala Tejaswi(SIU851906446) Mounica Ammireddy(SIU851930850)

An Electronic Institution contains different types of agents playing different roles in a given scenario. Every scenario is composed of coordination protocol by specifying their roles in that particular scenario. Every Electronic Institution [2] is composed of dialogic framework which will establish the language and nature that has to be followed by different agents in a given environment, a performative structure which defines the activities including the relationships between all the agents, a set of predefined norms which defines the consequences of actions by agents. In this we have extended the Electronic Institution to be adaptive which changes and configure by itself depending on the varying needs following the norms. Electronic Institutions work on predefined norms to attain the desired goals in a given working environment. Predefined norms may or may not be followed by the agents in the environment but the goal is to achieve a stable and good working environment by minimizing the human interaction as much as possible. Say for example Traffic control system has setup stop boards asking all the vehicles to stop at that point and then proceed with caution, but the car agents may or may not stop, obeying or disobeying…
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