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CS682 Spring Session 1 2014
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Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Assignment Part 1 2 2.1 Management Information Systems - for WallGray’s pharmacy chain.(1) 2 2.1.1 Purpose 2 2.1.2 System Users 2 2.1.3 Inputs to the System 2 2.1.4 Outputs from the System 2 2.2 Decision Support Systems – for Home Depot (2) 2 2.2.1 Purpose 2 2.2.2 System Users 3 2.2.3 Inputs to the System 3 2.2.4 Outputs from the System 3 2.3 Executive Information Systems – for Wal-Mart (3) 3 2.3.1 Purpose 3 2.3.2 System Users 3 2.3.3 Inputs to the System 3 2.3.4 Outputs from the System 3 2.4 Expert Systems
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Inputs to the System
Each location will have their own transaction processing application that is constantly collecting products dispensed and patient related information. This information collectively, is used as input to the Management Information Systems.

Outputs from the System
Typical outputs from the system would be a daily report that provides a checklist of the inventory held in each location. Another output from the system would to provide a trend for peak hours of operation to assess the need for allocating resources.
Decision Support Systems – for Home Depot (2)

The primary purpose of this system would be to have the ability to discover any unknown trends, for example, why are sales up in the East Coast. Another purpose would be to provide the ability to forecast behaviors based on historical factors.

System Users
Typical users of the system are Senior management reporting to the Chief Operation Officer who has the authority to make strategic decisions for Home Depot.

Inputs to the System
Transactional Data generated by the Home Depot stores will be extracted, Transformed and Loaded into DSS. These form the inputs to this system.

Outputs from the System
Management Information Systems for Home Depot will be the output for DSS. They will generate standard reports and forecast of sales. Another output of the system would to help in the discovery of unknown

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