Csc2407 S1 Assignment 2 Assignment

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USQ CSC2407 S2 2017 Assignment 2 By Michael Millar U1099821 Question 1: Requirements Elicitation 1. The engineering process requirements of elicitation is reliant on the interaction of the software engineers and the stakeholders of the system. Engineers consult with the customers to gather what requirements are to be provided (requirements gathering). To ensure the systems is what the stakeholders want, the process of elicitation and validation are interleaved so that any misunderstandings, errors, conflicts, additional extras or requirements in the documentation that are needed or have been missed are resolved. Ref: The textbook. 2. During elicitation process the user requirements are agreed upon and are clearly defined and expressed in natural language, unambiguous and easy to understand. The requirements, defines the characteristics or operational objectives of the project. During validation, the document reduces the potential for dispute between customer and contractor allowing changes, misunderstandings and problems to be worked out ahead of time, before design and implementation of the system occurs. It costs a lot less to fix a problem in the requirements document than to fix the same problem later in the completed product. Ref: The textbook 3. A Use Case is developed to support requirement specification. It is a detailed description of specifications in its simplest form using Realtime scenarios of the functionality requirements between the actors and
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