Csec 650 Individual Assignment 2

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IA2: Business Continuity Plan for Information Technology CSEC 650 University of Maryland University College Abstract Business contingency and continuity of operations plan are vital to business, especially those reliant on digital media. Whether through nature events or the more likely interruption of computer systems and networks, a disruption of any type is a serious business concern. A disruption can harm operational revenue, services, supply-chain, and reputation. Any of the preceding effects from a disruption could possibly be severe enough to mean the end of business as a going concern. To avoid severe or long term damaging disruption, a comprehensive contingency plan can provide a guide for how resources and personnel will be…show more content…
An organization’s BCP is that entity’s guide for continuing, or restarting, operations after an event that impedes those operations. Although a BCP in the past has typically focused on such events as fire, weather, or the loss of access to property in some way, these days they need to include issues related to cyber intrusions from in and out of the company. IT has even become a more critical item in BCPs because events negative affecting IT systems are more likely to occur to a business in any given year than other events (Zurcher, 2015). Developing a BCP requires an organizations’ management, and other concerned stakeholders, to deeply analyze their business. This analysis will inform the developing BCP through an understanding the company’s long and short term goals, as well as the inclusion of which designated resources to be included. In addition they can be aware off forecasted budget and anticipated issues or obstacles. All this information can be used to inform recommendations about the business’s testing, training, and recovery options. Due to the reliance that many business have on IT systems, any operations continuity plan and IT contingency planning is interrelated. The essential part of any BCP is to be prepared to resume the business’s basis functions as soon as practicable, even it means doing so at an alternate location (Wilson, 2010). The IT portion of the BCP should serve as a guide or instruction manual the details the procedures to be undertaken

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