Csi Miami vs Csi Real Life

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For this assignment I chose Double Jeopardy from CSI Miami, season four episode eighteen. In this episode a husband is found innocent of his wife's murder just as her missing body is being pulled from the ocean by a fisherman. March 26 Mr. Rowe discovered his wife’s racial status and she disappeared on October 5th but the husband waited 3 days to report her death. During this time he practiced killing Terisa Matherdy. Losing four twenty lb weight set in the process. The CSI team must try to find new evidence linking the husband to the deed since he can't be tried again with the same evidence...as it is considered "Double Jeopardy." A little evidence and timely confessions shows that the husband and his girlfriend did, indeed, kill the…show more content…
Only in Hollywood would anyone not want or need to protect themselves from an obvious possible source of disease. She did this twice in this episode, once on the scene of the found body and again in her lab. Next we see Ryan Wolfe using soft ware that doesn’t exist, have you seen the latest version of windows? Well for those of you who didn’t know the government have to buy from the lowest bidder. So in order to use any high-tech software like this you would need a whole lot of money. So their group would have to be privately owned by some fat cat or sponsored. The US Government always uses a soft ware that is one cycle out of production when it comes to soft ware because you don’t have to worry about those oh so annoying updates. So Ryan Wolfe decrypted a deleted file, yes this is more than possible and they even show him using Command-line Keywords used for Archive, Delete, Report, and Restore Requests. As a cyber security major I can tell you this is spot on accurate, so to speak. But a CSI member would not be doing this it would probably be a computer specialist and not your local CSI member. Also why would a CSI member even be looking up credit card receipts? They wouldn’t, it would be a detective not Ryan Wolfe. Getting the credit card receipts of a set time period in less than twenty four hours is also farfetched. From what I was told and read, CSI rarely interrogate witnesses. Yet in this episode we see at least eight interrogations

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