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Syllabus for CSIA 301 Faculty Contact Information Welcome to Foundations of Cybersecurity CSIA 301, a hybrid course. My name is Professor Nancy M. Landreville and I have been teaching here at the University of Maryland, University College since February 2007. My phone number is (301) 401-0144. You may contact me by phone any evening during the week (Monday - Friday) from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. You may email me at any time at . I encourage you to use the private messaging area rather than the faculty email address. This will facilitate faster response to your course questions. I will respond to your email within 24 hours from receipt of your email. Please place the name of the course in the subject line so I…show more content…
The final assessment will be used to measure students’ mastery of course concepts. This course has final exam that students will be given 3 hours to complete. Students can start taking the final exam at any time during week 8 of the class, but once opened and started, students must submit the final exam within 3 hours. Course Modules and Quizzes You will find the course modules in the Course Content area of the WebTycho classroom. At the end of each module, you will find a short quiz that tests your understanding of the various concepts in the module. The results of these quizzes will be sent to me for inclusion in the course grade (4% for each module). You will also complete a quiz on each module during the course that covers practical exercises from the module which will be administered during our F2F sessions. These quizzes are not graded. Additional Information Students with Questions or Concerns If you have questions related to the course content or any of the graded deliverables,

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