Csr Communication in the Pharma Industry

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CSR COMMUNICATION IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY AN ANALYSIS OF THE WEBSITES OF THREE PHARMACEUTICAL WHOLESALERS MASTER THESIS Author: José Javier Levrino (JL82847) Supervisor: Anne Ellerup Nielsen MA in Corporate Communication Århus, Denmark. August 2010 CSR COMMUNICATION IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY José Javier Levrino Table of contents Abstract 1. Introduction 1.1 Motivation 1.2 Problem statement 1.3 Delimitation 1.4 Methodology 1.4.1 1.4.2 1.4.3 1.4.4 Scientific paradigm: hermeneutics Qualitative research approach Theoretical framework Analysis of websites Selection criteria Data collection 1.5 Structure 2. Theoretical framework 2.1. Corporate Communication 2.1.1. Defining Corporate Communication…show more content…
After a theoretical analysis of the pharmaceutical industry, the research includes the development of an analytical framework, which serves as a basis for the examination of the selected websites. This is followed by an analysis based on the CSR section of the websites of three world leader pharmaceutical wholesalers and service providers within the pharmaceutical industry. A qualitative methodology applied to the written content of the websites allows drawing conclusions on the reasons that lead these companies to get involved in CSR. It also provides an interpretation of how these firms organize their CSR communication, and which CSR communication strategies they use for addressing their stakeholders. Findings: The engagement in CSR of companies developing its activities and business within the pharmaceutical industry respond to the different challenges this industry faces. External stakeholders (NGOs, media, consumer advocacy groups and the public opinion) carefully watch the steps taken by pharmaceuticals. As a consequence, the initiatives and communications must be designed to satisfy the stakeholders´ needs and expectations. Pharmaceutical wholesalers implement different CSR communication strategies to reach their objectives. Moreover, organizations choose from a variety of channels to communicate with specific stakeholder groups (e.g. surveys,
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