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From a business perspective, researchers often argue that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can improve the competitiveness of a company and that the CSR activities develop a favourable corporate image and their financial performance (Burke & Logsdon 1996). CSR is defined as the obligation of organisation management to make decisions and take actions that will enhance the welfare and interests of society as well as the organisation (Samson & Daft 2009). Some say that the significance of social responsibility has been changed up until today in that CSR activity may not achieve the intended effects and therefore believes that only one social responsibility exists; to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its…show more content…
This shows that the industries are spending majority of their time and effort investing into marketing their products to reach the goal of profit-maximisation. This illustrates that tobacco companies have no soul and are not ethically concerned and instead, their aim is to increase profits by investing their assets into marketing. Through this example, we learn that there are exceptions to the extent in which other social responsibilities take consideration and the reason to the applied example previously is that the industry itself does not match to take responsibility ethically. Furthermore, some industries are able to increase their wealth and maximise their profits with only taking into account in the ability of using their resources to maximise profit while disregarding other social responsibilities.

On a generic level, one could argue that complying with legal responsibilities is an intrinsic part of social responsibility (Visser, Matten, Pohl, 2008). Legal responsibilities are defined as businesses expecting to follow laying down rules, law and regulations (Samson & Daft, 2009). This fundamentally means that for corporations to be operating, it must comply with the underlying laws and regulations and in addition, must aim to increase profits while maintaining the function of legal responsibilities. A corporation abiding or breaking any of the legal

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