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A research study on the correlation between a company’s corporate social and financial performance: The Case of 1000 Top Earning Companies in the Philippines. In Partial Requirement For THSBSAP Submitted By: Alvarez, Mark Gerald Miranda, Kim Gerald Sia, Myles K32 Introduction 1.1 Research Problem How would the four components of corporate social responsibility- customer, employee, environment and social- affect the financial performance of the 1000 top earning companies in the Philippines? Which among the four component of corporate social responsibility is most effective in improving a company’s financial performance? What factors influence the relationship between corporate social responsibility…show more content…
In addition, having a better facility would entice more quality human resource thus will lead to productivity and efficiency of operation. Fourth, the company would properly manage its risk. Basically, “CSR contributes to social risk mitigation and better risk management through two means: by providing intelligence which identifies those risks, and by offering an effective means to respond to risks with an emphasis on managing relationships with stakeholders” (http://www.unescap.org/tid/publication/indpub2565_chap1.pdf, n.d.). Fifth, CSR can expands also its competitive advantage through innovation because of lots of opportunity which pioneers innovation that benefits both society, and the company’s competitiveness. Finally, it would direct to better access to capital. Most financial institutions are including or incorporating environmental and social criteria when assessing a certain project. Accordingly, most investors are looking CSR as an indicator whether they should place their money on a certain company or not. Therefore, CSR, is not only important to its stockholders, but also to the stakeholders since everyone is affected when a company conducts CSR. 1.3 Objectives of the study The objectives of this study are as follows: 1. To examine the correlation (whether direct and indirect relationship) of
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