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HEB possess many corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and I believe that the way HEB executes their responsibilities can benefit and improve the Houston Food Bank (HFB). “The meaning of the CSR is to recognize that business firms have not one but many different kinds of responsibilities, including economic and legal responsibilities. Corporations have an economic responsibility to produce goods and services also to provide jobs and good wages to the work force while earning a profit (The Business Cornerstone). “The concept of corporate social responsibility is often expressed as the voluntary assumption of responsibilities that go beyond the purely economic and legal responsibilities of the firm (Scilly).” First, I will discuss the…show more content…
HEB focuses on their “reduce, reuse and recycle” method. HEB focuses more on environmental laws than HFB. Since HEB is in the food retail and customer service industry, they focus on sustainability principles to planting fresh produce from the core. HFB depends on their members to not engage in activities that conflict with their fiduciary, ethical and legal obligations to their organizations, clients or profession. An example would be how HFB employees represent themselves while conducting business. The third value is ethical responsibility. An ethical responsibility focuses more on doing the right thing but not because they have the obligation to do so. The ethical standards of HEB range from being environmentally friendly to offering competitive wages. The HFB has a code of ethics to where employees know that consequences are in order if the rules are violated. A few excerpts I would consider examples are: * “Members shall establish the nature and purpose of any contractual relationship at the outset and will be responsive and available to organizations and their employing organizations before, during and after any sale of materials and/or services.” * “Members will comply with all fair and reasonable obligations created by the contract (HFB code of ethics).” The final value is philanthropic responsibilities and this level of value is where
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