Csr Programs And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Since 1998, Bank of America has become one of the most successful financial institutions in the industry. With the mission to “make financial lives better, through the power of every connection”, Bank of America has maintained aligning operation with its vision. While assisting its clients understand their money, the company also puts a lot of effort into helping the communities by executing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is undeniable that the company has successfully addressed many critical problems in the environmental, social and economic arenas, as it continually receives awards and recognitions for its CSR efforts. One of the highlights of the CSR programs is a $50 billion commitment to address climate change by changing…show more content…
The evolution of your CSR programs has produced tangible results and I am confident to see the positive outcome once again. $50 Billion Investment Towards Renewable and Low Carbon Solutions According to Bank of America’s 2013 CSR report, the company’s 10-year, $50 billion environmental business initiative is created in order to help address climate change, reduce demands on natural resources and advance lower-carbon economic solutions. Emphasize on lending, carbon finance, and investment solutions for clients globally, the project builds on the previous 10-year, $20 billion project that was successfully attained four years ahead of the schedule. At the same time, the company also rigorously track and manage its progress toward the following new operation goals for 2015: • Minimizing its global water consumption by 20% (2010 baseline) • Minimizing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% (2010 baseline) • Minimizing its energy consumption by 25% from 2004 • Reaching 20% LEED certification within its corporate workplace portfolio To achieve the goals, Bank of America shows its commitment to support positive environmental change through transformational finance, operations, employee programs and nonprofit partnerships, and environmental policies under its environmental sustainability program. With
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