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Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr. Anjana Hazarika
Seminar Paper

ARCHIE CARROLL’S CSR PYRAMID: A case study of Bajaj Auto Ltd.



B.A.LLB (2009)

Jindal Global Law School

Today, in this complex business environment where all business enterprises are surviving by realizing maximum profits possible, there exists a mechnism called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that is providing the required edge towards success. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the way a corporation achieves a balance among its economic, social, and environmental responsibilities in its operations so as to address shareholder and other stakeholder expectations. This is because it is
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Law lists fair operations of a business in a democratic society and hence, the economic missions of corporations must land within the framework of law. Legal responsibilities are “codified ethics” established by lawmakers that legitimizes the conduct of a business, when adhered to. Furthermore, Carroll lists down few components that suffices the legal responsibilities of a business organization; perform in consistent with expectations of government and law, compliance with all regulations, to be a law-abiding corporate citizen, fulfilling its legal obligations leads to a firm to be successful and meeting minimal legal requirements when providing goods and services. They are depicted as the next layer on the pyramid as it has been seen to be coexistent with economic responsibilities (Figure 1).

* Ethical Responsibilities: Ethical Responsibilities include activities and practices that are expected or prohibited by societal members even though they are not codified into law. Ethics or values may be reflected in laws or regulations but ethical responsibilities enfold emerging values and norms that society (consumers, stakeholders, employees and the community) expects of business as fair and just. He mentions that in one way, these ethics and values become the driving force behind the very creation of laws or regulations and in another way, such values may reflect a higher
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