Csr Report - Thistle Heathro, London

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The CSR Report – Thistle Heathro, London
CSR is a significant strategy adopted by businesses today. Hence, this paper begins by defining it and then dwells on why organisations depend on it. This paper also will present a summary of the activities of CSR followed at ‘Thistle, Heathrow, London’ which will also include the personal views of the writer on this topic.
In 1953, the book ‘The social Responsibility of the Businessman’ was published by Howard Bowen and there began the first concrete step towards CSR. The definition of CSR was clearly stated in this book. He exhorted organisations to fall in line with those strategies, to put into practice decisions which are highly valued by our communities or to follow those lines of action
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Since then, the theoretical model of Corporate Social Responsibility had been accepted. After this development, Corporate Social Responsibility was used by organisations to conduct themselves in a more socially responsible way. As there was no means to measure and test CSP, it could not achieve great application. In spite of this fact, philosophies of CSP advanced greatly.
Though CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) had its beginning in 1920, due to the Great Depression and the World War II, it could not make any significant progress. It got its due recognition only in 1950 when business leaders considered it a topic of importance. In 1951, Frank Abrams, the chairman of Standard Oil of the New Jersey said that it was the duty of the business to conduct the affairs of the firm to organise a balance of equity and work among the stockholders, employees, customers, public and various directly interested groups. He stated it in his article Harvard Business Review (Frederick, 2006).
Organisations and scholastics started to link their activities of Corporate Social Responsibility to the techniques of business and thus developments proceeded. Due to the dedication of mainstream scholars, in this period, the role of stakeholders rose to explicit quality in the debate of Corporate Social Responsibility. One such prominent scholar was peter Drucker (Lee, 2008). In Corporation, shareholders are behind stakeholders and this idea was not in line with the thoughts of Milton Friedman.
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