Csr Reporting Implications For Barclays Banks Environmental Sustainability

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6F6Z3007: Assignment 2: CSR reporting Implications for Barclays Banks Environmental Sustainability
‘Corporate social responsibility (CSR), broadly defined as the notion that companies should accompany the pursuit of profit with good citizenship within a wider society, has become an increasingly prominent feature of business life over the last 10 to 15 years’ (Sadler and Lloyd, 2009:613). This quote from Sadler and Lloyd is a useful starting point in demonstrating the rapid rise and development of corporate responsibility. Global issues, in an economic sense with the global financial crisis in 2008 and in an environmental sense with the threat of climate change have aided in bringing to the fore a need for businesses and the corporate world to manage themselves and the services they offer in a more responsible and sustainable way. In particular reference to the financial sector this has attempted to be achieved through global financial sustainability agreements such as the Equator Principles. By entering into global agreements careful monitoring and reporting of a banks activities is required to create transparency in assessing their contributions towards corporate social responsibility and the achievement of sustainable practices in the financial sector. One of the banks currently signed up to the Equator principles is Barclays, as one of the largest global banks in the world with a 300 year history it is a company that serves 48 million customers worldwide
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