Csr Strategy for Eicher Motors

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1) If you would be the CEO of Eicher Motors, which other CSR activities you would have undertaken that would have aligned well with the current CSR activities? The case study on Eicher Motors CSR activities manifests a lot about company’s sincere interest towards socio-economic development, environment and community upliftment. The Company seems to have promoted various initiatives through EMP program and formulated mitigation measures to address environmental concerns/risks. Current CSR initiative taken by Eicher Motors Ltd. * EMP program: It includes maintenance of ecological balance, waste management, pollution control, and many other programs under EMP. * Water Conservation: EML also implicated Rainwater Harvesting to…show more content…
Strategic Branding: Promoting proactively their public interests through media ads/campaigns, could help them to make their distinction image as a socially responsible brand like TATA and BP. * ESPIRIT’s advertising campaign (1990s), “What would you do?” included ads promoting rights of the disabled. * TATA TEA ‘Jago Re’ campaign is an admirable example of brand building. Rural Development: For rural advancement EML should promote agriculture/infrastructure for leveraging regional strengths, creating jobs and promoting local community globally. * ITC’s E-Choupal/Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha (JBGVS) committed to improve the quality of life in rural India; * Cadbury India, Glaxo and Richardson Hindustan are helping farmers to grow crops which in turn shall serve as raw materials for them. * BPCL has adopted 37 villages. Community Services: EML should provide solutions to social ills through their core business and turn this ability into a competitive advantage. * Just Desserts, a San Francisco bakery, instituted a practice of hiring ex-convicts. According to them disenfranchised people need on-ramps into the society. * Ben and Jerry employ homeless people to serve ice-cream. * Burger King Academy, by Burger King provides services to dropouts and truants. Safety and Health: EML should concentrate on national level for Health and safety awareness programs, *

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