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Assignment 1 / Essay Assignment question: It is sometime suggested that CSR activities are increasing strategic in that it affects that core business of the firm and its growth, profitability and survival? Drawing on an example of a corporation/company (National/ International), discuss this in the context of business strategies, in particular on the issues of competitive advantage and firm performance. Introduction In this essay, we will discuss why organizations began CSR and how it is or can be or why should it be implemented. CSR usually get started off either as an integral part of the business strategy or corporate identity, or it can be used as a defensive policy, with the latter being used more often by companies targeted…show more content…
Strategic Models of CSR Strategic planning as opposed to operational planning concerns the general long-term planning of a Toyota Corporation with the aim to gain economic advantages in the competitive market place. Operational planning in contrast incorporates concrete short- or medium-term activities in line with the strategic goals of the company (Wohe 1993: 141). A strategic plan usually consists of an analysis of the firm and its environment, the development of strategic goals and alternative strategies, the assessment, evaluation and selection of strategic alternatives, and the implementation, evaluation and control of the strategies (Grant 2005, Hopfenbeck 1997: 40) in which Toyota Corporation did when they came up with their CSR It has been demonstrated by Porter and Kramer that a strategic approach to CSR can incorporate competitive advantages for Toyota Corporation but even more importantly, it allows for an integrated and effective implementation of CS. Following this argumentation, an inclusive strategic model of CSR was developed combining central ideas of CSR theory with the classical model of strategic planning using narrow view and boarder view. Narrow view On the contrary, supporters of narrow
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