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A report on Corporate Social Responsibility of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

Rabeya Sultana,
Assistant Professor, Department Of MIS,
University of Dhaka

Akibul Kowser Pahlowan Student ID: 61222-15-055
Summer Semester 2012
Department of MIS.
University of Dhaka.

Candidate’s Declaration

I certify that the report entitled “A report on Corporate Social Responsibility of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)” submitted as a term paper of the course Introduction of Business is the result of my own research, except where otherwise acknowledged and this project report in whole or in part has not been submitted for an award including a higher degree, to any other
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CTR adopted the name International Business Machines in 1924, using a name previously designated to CTR 's subsidiary in Canada and later South America. Its distinctive culture and product branding has given it the nickname Big Blue.
In 2012, Fortune ranked IBM the #2 largest U.S. firm in terms of number of employees (433,362), the #4 largest in terms of market capitalization, the #9 most profitable, and the #19 largest firm in terms of revenue. Globally, the company was ranked the #31 largest in terms of revenue by Forbes for 2011. Other rankings for 2011/2012 include #1 company for leaders (Fortune), #1 green company worldwide (Newsweek), #2 best global brand (Interbrand), #2 most respected company (Barron 's), #5 most admired company (Fortune), and #18 most innovative company (Fast Company).
IBM holds more patents than any other U.S.-based technology company, and has nine research laboratories worldwide. Its employees have garnered five Nobel Prizes, six Turing Awards, nine National Medals of Technology, and five National Medals of Science. Famous inventions by IBM include the automated teller machine (ATM), the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database, the Universal Product Code (UPC), the financial swap, SABRE airline reservation system, DRAM,

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