Csr of Procter and Gamble

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CSR of Procter and Gamble Procter and Gamble thinks: That Sustainable development is a very simple idea. It is about ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. In that sense they work hard to make this values, policies, principle and statement of purpose part of live of its employees…. Using this graph as a conciliator and a stheirce of unity among its values, laws, codes of conduct and international (by line of business) and ultimately concerned with what the expectations that society expects Values Procter and Gamble, in his report emphasizes sustainability in its 5 core values which is installed in each of its workers, to make them leaders sensitized with the company. Here you…show more content…
Innovation is the Cornerstone of Their Success • They place great value on big, new consumer innovations. • They challenge convention and reinvent the way they do business to better win in the marketplace. •They are Externally Focused • They develop superior understanding of consumersand their needs. • They create and deliver products, packaging and concepts that build winning brand equities. • They develop close, mutually productive relationships with their customers and their suppliers. • They are good corporate citizens. They Value Personal Mastery • They believe it is the responsibility of all individuals to continually develop themselves and others. • They enctheirage and expect outstanding technical mastery and executional excellence. They Seek to be the Best • They strive to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to the Company. • They benchmark their performance rigorously versus the very best internally and externally. • They learn from both their successes and their failures. Mutual Interdependency is a Way of Life • They work together with confidence and trust across functions, sectors, categories and geographies. • They take pride in results from reapplying others’ ideas. Policies Child Labor and Worker Exploitation Policy P&G does not use child or forced labor in any of their global operations or facilities. They do not tolerate unacceptable worker treatment such as the exploitation of
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