Csr 's Abbreviation For Corporate Social Responsibility

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CSR s abbreviation for "CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY". By this the first thing that comes in our mind is ' A Corporation or a company that is responsible socially or which is concerned with the environment not only with its profit. If typically explained it is the step that a company takes to benefit the society. It is to show that we are concerned with the environment and we do care. Now a days, relationships with customers are made on the basis of loyalty towards them by showing them, that the company is more concerned about them as they want the environment safe. In this way the company show this there responsibility to benefit and sustain the environment socially. “CSR is a process to achieve sustainable development in societies”…show more content…
(Nicole Fallon Taylor, 2015 ) Ángeles Gil Estallo, María in 2007 explained in his article that CSR may help to make Transparency among the customer, stakeholders etc. He also said that it is now considered as a new concept and a tool for management in corporations. Among organizations a management model is defined for gaining responsibility. And he also listed the limitations. (Ángeles Gil Estallo, María ,2007) It plays an important role in attracting people that your company is socially responsible. They made their mind sets that if they will invest in your company than you will provide them with profit as well as environmental and social aspect. So they are more likely to invest in those companies which practice CSR. Peifer, Jared in 2014 told about both economic and ethical domains. He explained that how the economic and ethical behavior effect the Shareholder’s money. Ethical behavior of corporation attracts more loyal funds towards them. Investor level of loyalty is there even when company has low returns proves this. He also said that funds loyalty is decreased when the company has aim only towards economic motives of company while it is vice versa in case of a company that has ethical motives. (Peifer, Jared,2014) Advantages of CSR: The advantages of CSR are more as compared to disadvantages. Attig, Najah, in 2013 discussed about the economic advantage of CSR told that it effects the credit ratings of company. Credit Ratings of a
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