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iMBA 560 Corporate Innovation Strategies Managing innovation is quite different from managing operations; and, managing uncertainty inherent in innovation requires specific tools and thinking. Whereas operations are an established process driven by existing knowledge, innovation is a learning process that creates new applied knowledge. Operations generate today’s value; but, innovation creates tomorrow’s opportunities. With many markets increasingly becoming more and more competitive, those who innovate best will win the future. During the past nine weeks, you were exposed to a variety of perspectives on innovation via case studies and a collection of readings. You analyzed company after company and situation after situation that…show more content…
As illustrated in our case studies, one of the responsibilities as an entrepreneurial leader is to build shared values that will support entrepreneurial behavior. To show off your well-learned knowledge of, and skills, in corporation innovation management, please take the perspective of a manager within a large corporation who has just been given responsibility to lead a newly acquired business unit that has an innovative product. Prepare a report for the top management team, describing: a. The steps that you would follow to build an entrepreneurial culture, with a brief rationale for your recommendations to the top management team. b. How you would decide what structure and controls would make the most sense for the newly acquired firm. Answer/Discussion: Coming into a newly acquired business unit as a manger there can be many hurdles to jump before an innovation centric culture can be set. The first focus would inherently be integrating the business unit into the larger corporation, dissecting the talent within, analyzing the product and forecasting demand for it. Going forward the company would need to leverage its talent pool, information, expertise and innovations to create a synergistic relationship with the new business unit. The first case where companies fail in acquisition is changing culture without understanding the underlying culture of the acquisition. I
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