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PPA Level 4 Assignment 2.3 Theory 1 Produce a methodology for the chosen area of research, the approach taken and a précis of findings. Research the following points and produce a written rationale for each of the following Principles of assessment, different methods, strengths and limitations of these, relevant to their subject area, which can effectively meet the individual needs of learners. Peer and self-assessment; how this can promote learner involvement and personal responsibility How feedback and questioning contribute to the assessment process The types of assessment records which would be used to meet organisational and external requirements 1 Principles of assessment, different methods, strengths and…show more content…
| Composing | Write a piece in the style of Bach. | Evidence – Recording or Notation Summative – “as final piece of work” otherwise it is formative Teacher –led assessment unless group discussion is encouraged. | Compose the theme music for a given short film as part of the “music for film and tv” part of a course. | Formative assessment Evidence – recording or performance of theme, along to film. Recording for teacher assessment or perform for peer assessment. | Compose and perform a piece of music in the ¾ time signature. As part of a course. | Initial assessment - do they understand ¾ time. Formative – teaching ¾ to those that don’t, know ongoing feedback to the students as they compose. Summative – Assess the final performance. Evidence – recording or score of piece, video performances Teacher is assessing students, at performances there could be discussion and feedback amongst the students, some peer assessment. | Compose a 2 minute body percussion piece in a recognizable jazz style as part of a jazz module. | Formative assessment Evidence- Performance, recording Teacher is assessing students, some peer to peer assessment | Compose a bass-line to a given pop song, after the performance discuss why the notes and rhythm were chosen. | Formative assessment. Self-assessment Evidence – recording of the performance to a backing track or score of the bass-line, recording of discusson following

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