Ctober 30: Business Analysis

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ctober 30, 2014
It’s a shame that this Nation and its citizens continue to listen to the IT industry explain what we the customers should do to protect our computers when they can’t protect their own.
As soon as you buy a computer, Tablet or Cell Phone, The IT industry acts as if it is so proficient in instructing the buyer on how to stay safe on the internet. They recommend, certain software; that you can download, and then purchase, to maintain the security of your personal computer.
This is where I find the practice of lying to you, John Q Public, the most reprehensible. Your are presented information like the IT Industry really has your interest at heart, when all the time it’s one big contrived presentation, to get you believing in something that is wrong. A Wrong that is designed, to steer you, the buyer in the wrong direction.
The whole industry is working
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Salesman Pitch, on the TV, the Internet, News Print, Social Sites, twitter, Face Book, U- tube, and every magazine that you pick up you are instructed to make the first thing you buy for your computer is some type of Antivirus Protection. Trying to work a computer without the specified software, would be a disaster for you and would open you up to every person trying to get into your bank account and any other records that someone could use to steal your life, career and your money.
They will contact your children and tell them they are adopted and not really yours, the thieves that are after your possessions cannot be combated unless you buy and download this special software.
What I am trying to get everybody to see that the IT Industry will do anything to keep you purchasing these products that they are selling. All the while they know that none of these products will or can keeps your computer safe.
They get hacked daily and if all this junk worked, why don’t they use it

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