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Modern American History: 1950 to the 21st Century (HIST101) Colorado Technical University For this project I am going to discuss two different articles about President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. The first article is “The Washington Post Editorial Watergate: The unfinished business.” The other article that I will be discussing and comparing is one written by Dean Burch. “In Defense of Richard Nixon.” I will provide a brief summary of the two arguments as well as describe how the Watergate events changed American views in politics and politicians. I will also speculate how the events could have been different if the media and population during the Watergate scandal had today’s technology, an example being smart phones,…show more content…
Nixon. It was clearly a ‘painful decision’ for the Tribune's editors, most of whom know the president personally” (1974, May 14). This statement is based on the fact that the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial was calling for the president to leave the office due to the Watergate affair. What was also mentioned was the fact that most if not all of the editors knew the president personally, and it appears that they were all on board to quickly to impeach the president. Dean Burch goes on to report, mostly in Nixon’s defense, that the president faces many decisions every day that affect all the lives in America, and he made the correct decision to open a full investigation into the Watergate scandal. One key question is also brought up: “Did Richard Nixon do wrong?” (1974, May 14). From reading this article it appears that the writer was looking at what the president was thinking and doing as a whole, not just speculate and ridicule him on just one topic. The article also references that “Like all good presidents, he is not perfect” (1974, May 14), by that statement if is clear that there were many other aspects of the situation that was not being recognized by the Chicago Tribune. Based on the two articles the Watergate events changed American views towards politics and politicians. One way that I view the differences is that

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