Cu1565 Promote Creativity and Creative Essay

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CU1565 Promote Creativity and Creative
Learning in Young Children

1.1 - Analyse the differences between creative learning and creativity.

Creative learning is about how children are actively involved in their own learning, and their ability to make choices and decisions. This can be achieved through providing a creative environment, allowing exploration through play and praising creative efforts.
Creativity is about risk taking and making connections, allowing children to explore and express themselves through a variety of media or materials including, dance, music, making things, drawing, painting and make believe and to make new things emerge as a result. Being creative is strongly linked to play and can emerge through a
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2.1 - Demonstrate in own practice how to promote creativity and creative learning.

For example, during a cooking activity children are learning many skills through the creative process. They may feel happy and excited about creating their own food. They are sociable by working with adults to assist them and cooking for their friends or family members. By following instructions either written or verbal and measuring quantities they are being allowed to develop intellectually. Knowing when to ask for help and starting a dialogue around what they are doing and using can help develop communication skills especially listening and taking direction. Finally all the mixing, chopping, kneading and picking up small cut up pieces are physically developing the fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and building hand and arm muscles.

2.2 - Explain why young children require extended and unhurried periods of time to develop their creativity.

An unhurried period of creativity gives children time to explore and experiment with materials and use them in their own way. It also allows children to do their best work by moving from popular to more original ideas and being able to come back to it at a later date to finish.

3.1 - Explain the feature of an environment that supports creativity and creative learning.

A creative environment needs to allow children easy access to different materials and be able to move these from one place to another. It is not just about

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