Cub Domino 's Pizza Essay

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Cuba – Domino’s Pizza


The following is a summary and analysis of the country Cuba and how a franchise like Domino’s Pizza can be incorporated into the culture and thrive as a business. One will glean understand how Domino’s product will be introduced to the consumers. Additionally, one will learn Cuba’s history, the geography, what social institutions are implemented, their education system, living conditions, political system, religion, languages and aesthetics of this country. All these items have an influence on how Domino’s can introduce and integrate their pizza business within this culture. This information will assist to understand how an American company will blend or contrast with Cuba. The assumed values and cultures will need to be integrated in order to be successful. How will this affect the final product and will it be successful? Domino’s will need to use their international skills to influence the local government and provide documentation for the financial success of placing a franchise in Cuba. Cultural Analysis Welcome to Cuba! Here is what one will want to know when visiting this country, they are;
“Located 90 miles off the coast of Key West, Florida, Cuba is the largest Caribbean island nation. Its neighbors are the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Haiti. Cuba spans 44,200 miles, making it a bit smaller than the state of Pennsylvania. Its varied geography includes rolling farmland, rugged mountains, urban metropolises, quaint
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