Cuba And Ir Cuba

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Cuba/Iran question 1. After doing your own research and listening to the debate, what is your informed position on opening up degrees of relations with Iran and Cuba? Cuba is a bad counties that honors its commitments on stuff. Other countries had to write off Cuba’s debts which is why Russia really doesn’t deal with them like they did during the Fidel Castro era. They also have American fugitives still, and Cuba is still on America’s terrorism list. If it was up to me I would make these deals after Fidel Castro brother is out and someone new is in. Yet by doing this, it does give United States to apply pressure on the Cuban government to improve human rights, and the United States is able to target the Cuban government with its embargo while still providing assistance to Cuban citizens by people being able to visit family members and send money to relatives in Cuba, and also permits travel for humanitarian and educational reasons. Vietnam questions 1. Here we go again. List 3-4 reasons the U.S. ended up fighting the war in Vietnam. Think about long simmering causes as well as more immediate reasons. Cite your sources • US entered the Vietnam War in an attempt to prevent the spread of Communism. (Pg. 406) • The French was in war against Vietnam already fighting to maintain control of the country and to regain national pride after being conquered them self’s in world war.(pg. 409) • The capitalist South Vietnamese were losing the fight against the communist North

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