Cuba And The United States

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Cuba and the United States are two very different countries. Although they are only nearly 90 miles away from each other it has been over 50 years since both countries have had any real relationship towards each other, other than the hatred that seems to shown by the two countries’ politicians. In October 1960 the United States began to impose its first round of embargoes towards the small island when Cuba decided to nationalize all of the American Oil on its county after the United States without properly compensating the United States. The embargo that was put in place October 1960 limited the on exports to Cuba except for food and medicine. Then in February of 1962 the United States expanded on its embargo from 1960 to include imports as well, but not before John F Kennedy could get his hands on some more of the finest Cigars that Cuba had to offer. There are many reasons for why the United States has placed embargos on the island of Cuba. Some will argue that they should have never placed any embargo against Cuba and some will argue that the embargo should have been lifted a long time ago, but as long as the country remains communist and the Cuban people don’t get an equal opportunity to prosper then lifting or not lifting the embargoes on Cuba will have no real impact on Cuba and its people. Many people believe that the United States is the reason behind why Cuba is so poor and why the people of Cuba are so poor. That’s partially correct. But before the Cuban

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