Cuba And The United States

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Cuba is a nation that formed from a history of colonial and imperial domination. Formal colonial status under Spain ended during the invasion by the United States in 1898, when military and corporate interests made the island a de facto colony of the United States. However, Cuba and the United States have had a long history of both political and military ties; both good and bad. Nevertheless, these ties have played a vital role in the current relationship the United States maintains with Cuba. In the recent years, both countries have continued to work toward a better diplomatic relationship; possibly enhancing the overall success of both Cuba and the United States. The Island of Cuba is located in between the Caribbean Sea and…show more content…
Cuba’s narrow configuration and its close proximity to the Tropic of Cancer give the Island a mild subtropical climate. Since the Island is generally, facing east to west this allows the refreshing trade winds and marine breezes to flow right through Cuba. Temperatures throughout the year average between 68 and 95ºF, lowering sometimes to 50°f. The Eastern region maintains a warmer climate than the western region, both in the summer and winter months. By its geographic situation, Cuba is affected between June and November by the cyclone season. They can affect the island in hurricane form with winds that guest up to 200 km/h and heavy storms. A serious hurricane does not threaten the Island every year. However, in the last few years there have been several severe storms that caused flooding and damage.

The communist Political system adopted in 1952, remains in effect today. Under Cuba’s communist state every citizen has the right to participate in discussions of political, social, and economic issues, but that participation is constrained by the chain of command structure of society and government. The Cuban Communist Party (PCC) plays a key factor in the selection of everyone voted into the legislative bodies. Even though Cuba has legislative bodies, their decisions must meet the President needs for his approval. Since Raul Castro is currently President of the Republic, First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party,
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