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Cuba has been under a dictator named Fidel Castro since 1959 when his army took over the communist party that was running the country. Cuba’s main source of economic growth comes from agriculture and exports to and from Europe. Since America has had an embargo on Cuba since 1962 neither countries trade with each other because of many disagreements about governing techniques and Fidel's unwillingness to comply with U.S. instructions. Cuba’s long history and culture has contributed to many economic and social growth through out the world, but Cuba is still struggling to try to stable their economy.

Cuba is located by the Atlantic Ocean, and is directly located in the Carribean Sea. It is South of the tropic of Cancer and is
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The population of Cuba is 11,141,997 people. The Cuban culture has been rich with festivals and many religious and historical honors over the past century. The Cuban peso is the basis for currency in Cuba.

Cuba’s government is a totalitarian-socialist regime from a communist state. Fidel Castro is Cuba’s leader by default, but many Cuban’s dislike Castro’s ruling and cannot wait till the end of Castro’s rein. Castro also has his own army, which help him keep everything in order in and around the country. Fidel’s army is also known for brutal attacks on its citizens. Cuba’s religion is 85% Roman Catholic and many take their religion seriously.

Cuba’s climate is very tropical, but also has a rainy season, which starts in May and ends in October. Cuba is known for getting hit by storms during the Hurricane season. The Cuban flag colors are blue, red, and white. Also the favorite sport in Cuba is futbol (soccer).

The biggest differences between Cuba and the United States are the government and economic status. The United States has a democracy where as Cuba has a dictatorship. Cuba is one of the poorest countries in the world and yet the U.S. is one of the most powerful countries in the world. The U.S. sets the standards for other industrial nations, however Cuba does all that it can with their national resources and aid from other countries.

Cuba is a very diverse country, but it is very poverty-stricken and is still decades

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