Cuba Music Analysis

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The first thing that I found was interesting reading the three excerpts from Cuba and its Music was seeing the type of artist Arsenio Rodriguez was. It was said that once Arsenio had the inspiration, they would complete the arrangement within two hours and that they premiered two or three songs per week which to think about is crazy compared to artists today and the time they take to write songs. I think that music throughout Cuba moved very fast throughout the culture and it all started with how fast they created their music and how much music they put out. They continued to talk about Arsenio’s creation of son montuno which is surprising because Rodriguez seemed to be the artist of new things, but we never really was the creator of all of the musical ideas he brought about. He…show more content…
It also includes Arsenio’s popularization of a conjunto and his addition of pianos to his music, yet again not being the creator of this idea, but being the known artist for this new idea for Cuban music. Arsenio continued to add a second trumpet and conga as well to his music along with the recent legalization of congas, again another big change Arsenio made in Cuban music. Just thinking back on these examples shows how much of a game changer Arsenio was in Cuba. Arsenio took new, surprising ideas and created them into something greater and spread them throughout Cuban music. No, he was not the first to add new instruments to son, but, yes, he was the first to popularize new ideas and continue to form Cuban music. Every artistical move he made can be clearly defined in his music, whether it be the instrumental solo or the use of the campana instead of the conga during the montuno. I think that Arsenio was an excellent artist when it came to popularizing ideas and really adding to the culture of Cuban
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