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Cuba Country Profile International Business Cuba is an island in the Caribbean. (Discuss it's culture) The island is located only 90 miles from Florida and is alligator-shaped. It's the biggest island in the Caribbean. The total population is 11,061.886. It's official language is Spanish, and 95% Cubans are Roman Catholic. The major ethnic groups include mulattos, which consist of 51% of the population. The remaining groups include 37% of white or European decent, 11% black, and 1% Chinese (Aguirrie, 2007). In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the island, and conquered it for Spain. Spain ruled the island until 1902, when it became independent. Cuba's independence was short…show more content…
49). Today, Cuba remains a “one-party Communist government.” Still no other political parties exist or are allowed there. The people are allowed to vote, but whoever is elected must be a member of the Communist party. Once elected, the person becomes a part of Castro's National Assembly, where they serve a five year term. The National Assembly is the government's legislative branch, but this branch is really a one house body. “Castro is a dictator and therefore controls everything that is social, political, and economical.” “The only person he shares his power with is his brother, Raul, who is Cuba's first Vice-President” (Crooker, 2002 p. 70). Being Communist has serious economic and political shortcomings. Crooker states that “Communism seeks to abolish capitalism, which is an economic system based on individual ownership and enterprise in a free market economy” (Crooker 2002, p. 70). Supply and demand usually sets the prices, but in Cuba the government does. So, supply and demand is irrelevant here. In Cuba, it's possible for a lawyer and a construction worker to be paid the same salary. This is because the government tries to spread the nation's wealth as equally as possible. But this has to many negative effects on their economy. The nationals have lost motivation and have no incentive to work hard. They have become less productive, and the products that they do produce are of poor quality. They

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